Our Team

At McKinley Management, LLC, teamwork is the core of our disciplined investment and research process. Our team members have the academic training, rigorous experience, and professional guidance to provide our clients with customized and diversified solutions to help meet their goals.

McKinley Management, LLC

Robert A. Gillam, CFA

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer

Deborah A. Lamb, CFE, CSCP, CIFD

Chief Compliance Officer

JL McCarrey, III

Senior Counsel

Jill McLeod

General Counsel

Kenneth P. Lenhart

Chief Operating Officer

Ian Walser, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Stacia Gillam

Chief Strategy Officer

Amy Mentzer

Director of Human Resources

Jason Christy

Manager of Information Technology and Cybersecurity

Client Services

John D. Reynolds

Director, Global Distribution

Renne Marsjanik, JD

Director of Client Solutions

Board of Directors

Jared Carney

Vice Chairman

Ian Domowitz, Ph.D.

Rick Nerland

Lily Stevens Becker

McKinley Capital Management, LLC

Public Investment

Robert A. Gillam, CFA

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer

M. Forrest Badgley, CFA

Director of Public Investments, Portfolio Manager

Martino M. Boffa, CFA

Director of Sustainability, Portfolio Manager

Brandon S. Rinner, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Grant M. McGregor

Portfolio Manager

Trading and Operations

Claudia M. Jackson

Head Trader

Joshua Przeczewski

Manager of Investment Operations

Quantitative Research & Data Science

Elias Krauklis

Director of Quantitative Research, Portfolio Manager

Andrew D. Dahlin

Manager of Data Science

Rachel E. Waters

Data Scientist

Adam Fagan

Data Governance Manager

David Burdick

Sr. Data Engineer

Scientific Advisory Board

John B. Guerard Jr., Ph.D.

Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board

Harry M. Markowitz, Ph.D.

Quantitative Research Consultant

Shijie Deng, Ph.D

Quantitative Research Consultant

Rochester Cahan, CFA

Quantitative Research Consultant

Ian Domowitz, Ph.D.

Quantitative Research Consultant, Transaction Cost Analysis

Jose Menchero, Ph.D., CFA

Quantitative Research Consultant, Risk Modeling & Attribution

Rishi K. Narang

Quantitative Research Consultant, Sell-Side & Non Sell-Side Analysis

Gillian Sandler

Quantitative Research Consultant, Healthcare Transformation

Ganlin Xu, Ph.D.

Quantitative Research Consultant, Big Data & Data Mining

McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLC

John N. Wanamaker

President, McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLC

Joe Jacobson

Vice President, Private Equity

Logan Birch

Vice President, Direct Lending

McKinley Research Group, LLC

Susan Bell

President, McKinley Research Group, LLC