McKinley Capital Management, LLC offers investment services in four general categories:

Traditional Portfolio Management
For nearly 30 years, institutional and private clients have come to McKinley Capital Management for our broad range of packaged growth-exposure strategies. We are one of the oldest quantitative growth style firms in the financial industry and widely recognized as a leader in our field. We currently offer equity portfolios in US (Large Cap, Small Cap, etc.), US Equity Income, Non-US, Global, Emerging Markets and Frontier Markets. Within these packaged portfolios, our unique investment process allows our clients to screen for ESG, religion, value-based, and other requested criteria.

Custom Products
Some clients have more specific investment needs or goals, so they choose to work closely with our team to create their own bespoke thematic, risk, or exposure-based portfolio. For example, in 2018 we worked with a client to launch an access fund to the fastest growing economies in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA). These countries contain young populations and high GDP growth, yet have a low market cap weight in global benchmarks. In 2019, we worked with a client to launch a Healthcare Transformation portfolio that provides a way to capture the profound technological changes occurring in the healthcare industry.

Engineering & Solutions
We offer our analytical tools for purchase by asset owners who seek a deeper level of analysis, but lack the time or resources to develop their own platform. Customers who purchase our solutions are able to leverage our expertise in alternative data and artificial intelligence tools, and combine them into a total investment analytical package for managing their assets.

Private Investment
For clients seeking private investment opportunities, we offer the option to invest in our home state of Alaska. Often referred to as the Last Frontier, Alaska is a young and emerging market for private investment in areas such as technology, renewable energy, consumer goods, tourism, transportation, energy service and infrastructure. Our Anchorage headquarters and our data-driven investment methodology provide our team with the ability to identify, analyze and invest in Alaska on behalf of our clients.

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