Public Investment

For nearly 30 years, institutional, retail and private clients have come to McKinley Capital Management, LLC for our broad range of packaged growth-exposure strategies. We are one of the oldest quantitative growth style firms in the financial industry and widely recognized as a leader in our field. Our investment philosophy is based on our belief that excess market returns can be achieved through the construction and management of a diversified, fundamentally sound portfolio of inefficiently priced securities whose earnings growth rates are accelerating above market expectations. We currently offer portfolios in:

Global Equities Global Core Growth
Global Developed
Global Developed Core Growth
Global Growth
Global Healthcare Transformation
Non-U.S. Equities Non-U.S. Growth
Non-U.S. Core Growth
Non-U.S. Developed Core Growth
Emerging Market Equities Emerging Market Growth
Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA)
U.S. Equities U.S. Equity Income
Diversified Income
U.S. Large Cap Growth
Business Development Company

Some clients have more specific investment needs or goals, so they choose to work closely with our team to create their own bespoke thematic, risk, or exposure-based portfolio. McKinley Capital is continually working to positively impact the communities in which we live and work, and we are proud to offer our clients the ability to do the same. Our custom solutions include:

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