Private Investment

For clients seeking private investment opportunities, we offer the option to invest in our home state of Alaska. Often referred to as the Last Frontier, Alaska is a young and emerging market for private investment in areas such as technology, renewable energy, consumer goods, tourism, transportation, energy service and infrastructure. Our Anchorage headquarters and our data-driven investment methodology provide our team with the ability to identify, analyze and invest in Alaska on behalf of our clients. We create value for investors by using our capability, credibility, creativity, capital and connectivity to source Alaska-based investment opportunities.

The McKinley Capital Na’-Nuk Investment Fund (NIF)* is McKinley Capital’s newly launched private investment fund focused on investing in Alaska’s most promising small- to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and emerging private equity and venture capital managers. As a new fund in a unique market, NIF investments will provide capital to projects across Alaska’s principal industry sectors including Arctic and Situationally Relevant Technology, Transportation & Logistics, Oil & Gas, Mining & Exploration, Seafood, and Tourism. Individual NIF investments are anticipated to range between $2 million and $20 million. All investment proposals will be rigorously analyzed and vetted using McKinley Capital’s data-driven, proven and reliable investment methodology. The McKinley Capital Na’-Nuk Investment Fund is anchored by a $100 million allocation from the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) as part of their Emerging Manager Initiative . Click here for more information on our partnership with the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation.

McKinley Direct Private Investments are direct large-scale investments made into new or existing Alaska projects. Projects selected for investment will typically be greater than $100 million in size, and be in the areas of infrastructure and large real estate developments, natural resources, tourism, transportation, logistics, seafood, Arctic and maritime. All investment proposals will be rigorously analyzed and vetted using McKinley Capital’s data-driven, proven and reliable investment methodology. McKinley Capital’s global connectivity allows them the ability to pair each project with a best-in-class partner who can provide financing, development, packaging, and operational leadership. Examples of Direct Private Investments in our portfolio are: and Alaska Cargo and Cold Storage

Are you interested in submitting a proposal to have a project considered for Private Investment funding?

Please submit an electronic proposal to Your electronic proposal should include the following information: your name, your company, a brief bio and contact information; the business seeking investment, current owners, years operating, industry category, current business situation, competitive environment, unique business attributes, proposed use for investment capital, current financial information, and 5-10 year projected revenue and profitability forecast.