JL McCarrey, III

Senior Counsel

Juris Doctorate, University of Utah

B.A. Political Science, University of Utah, cum laude

Mr. JL McCarrey joined McKinley Capital in 1998 as the firm’s General Counsel. In this role, he was responsible for leading corporate strategic and tactical legal initiatives. His responsibilities included providing senior management with effective advice on company strategies and their implementation, managing the legal department as well as obtaining and overseeing the work of outside counsel.  Mr. McCarrey was integrally involved in the organization, implementation and oversight of all aspects of McKinley Capital’s compliance program which includes registered funds and other investment vehicles. In 2019, JL became Senior Counsel to McKinley Capital and today serves McKinley Management as legal counsel to the firm and Board of Directors. Mr. McCarrey brings over four decades of general business, real estate, banking, finance, and corporate law experience as well as an extensive background in commercial litigation.