Scientific Advisory Board

McKinley Capital Management, LLC’s data-driven investment process is guided by our Scientific Advisory Board, a group which includes the world’s most accomplished researchers in the finance and technology fields. Dr. Harry Markowitz, Ph.D, Nobel Prize winning economist and creator of Modern Portfolio Theory, is the Board’s founding member. Dr. John Guerard, Jr., Ph.D is the board chair and former long-time Director of Quantitative Research at McKinley Capital. Dr. Markowitz and Dr. Guerard are joined by experts in fields including pricing, risk management and asset allocation (Dr. Shijie Deng, Ph.D.), portfolio construction and optimization (Dr. Jose Menchero, Ph.D), trading technology and transaction cost analysis (Mr. Rishi Narang and Dr. Ian Domowitz, Ph.D.), machine learning and ultra large datasets (Dr. Ganlin Xu, Ph.D. and Mr. Rochester Cahan), healthcare technology (Ms. Gillian Sandler), and portfolio construction (Flora Kim). This group meets regularly with our team to provide us with solid academic grounding, professional expertise, and cutting-edge technology and investment ideas.


Harry M. Markowitz, Ph.D.

Quantitative Research Consultant

Rochester Cahan, CFA

Quantitative Research Consultant

Ian Domowitz, Ph.D.

Quantitative Research Consultant, Transaction Cost Analysis

Jose Menchero, Ph.D., CFA

Quantitative Research Consultant, Risk Modeling & Attribution

Rishi K. Narang

Quantitative Research Consultant, Sell-Side & Non Sell-Side Analysis

Gillian Sandler

Quantitative Research Consultant, Healthcare Transformation

Ganlin Xu, Ph.D.

Quantitative Research Consultant, Big Data & Data Mining