McKinley Capital Management, LLC is a global investment firm based in Anchorage, Alaska, with offices in Chicago, New York, and an Abu Dhabi, UAE affiliate. We specialize in quantitative growth investing using a data-driven methodology that combines cutting-edge analytical technology with sound mathematical principles to identify the world’s fast growing investment opportunities. Our worldwide clients include corporate and public pension plans and 401K programs, sovereign wealth funds, religious institutions, and individual investors. Clients choose to work with us because they seek diversification or customization of their investment portfolio, they value our 30 years of experience, and they appreciate working closely with a team of investment professionals dedicated to helping them achieve their financial goals.

Bob Gillam, FounderMcKinley Capital Management, LLC was founded in 1990 by Bob Gillam, a second-generation Alaskan. Bob believed that computationally-driven investing could be done from anywhere in the world, including his spectacular home state. Today, McKinley Capital is still privately held and is recognized around the world as one of the financial industry leaders in global growth investing.